Ju Meok Bap 주먹밥


주먹밥 Ju Meok Bap or “FIST RICE” 🍚is a popular light snack or accompaniment served with Spicy Food🌶🍗 to cool off the “HEAT!”

ROLL your healthy, tasty 🍙 today!!

Available in 2 flavours, “Anchovies & Tuna🐟” 멸치랑참치 and “Chicken Ham🐔 & Cheese🧀” 햄치즈!



주먹밥 (Ju Meok Bap) Fist Rice 👊🍚, contains crispy 멸치볶음 (Myeolchibokkeum) Fried Anchovies 🐟 which in Korean popular culture is rumoured to help Male virility (Hehe!) 💪
김가루 (Kimgaru) Seaweed 🌿 is also rumoured to help the ladies retain their smooth, flowing BLACK hair 💇🏻 that makes all the men go 미쳤어 (Michyeosseo) K’RAZY!

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