K Fry Urban Korean (slang for Korean fried chicken) is a home grown Korean brand that specialises in authentic Korean Fried Chicken and hearty Korean food with an urban twist.

What’s the K’razy difference between K Fry and other fried chicken restaurant?
Unlike other chicken restaurants, we are a full service restaurant with a big range of menu offerings that span from Appetisers (Banchans) to Desserts (Bingsoo), suitable for customers across all ages!

Our Fried Chicken is “Crispy, Juicy and Always Fresh” and that’s because our CHILLED, never frozen, chicken is delivered and prepared Fresh daily. We take a lot of pride in providing the freshest and best ingredients that are freshly cooked and served to our customers.

We also believe that every customer who dines with us should be treated as a good friend whom we have invited for dinner to our home, taken great care of, well looked after and most importantly, well-fed!


Why are our food portions so huge?
Our menu is designed for sharing as we really encourage communal dining where people can come together to share the meal and conversation. Our orders are all ala carte orders and if you need any recommendations, our servers would be most happy to advise you on the portion size and how to mix things up!
Why is it the Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk always sold out?
Our Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbuk uses Fresh Chicken Thighs, so we can only sell it in limited quantities each day to ensure that our food quality is consistently good. We can help you to pre-order this item before 3pm daily. Just search for our outlet’s Facebook page, message us and you can enjoy it anytime you wish to visit us! It’s that easy!
Are you “Halal”?
We do not have Halal Certification now but we are in the process of commencing our application for Halal Certification. We are committed to getting the certification.

We have a strict No Pork No Lard No Alcohol policy in the restaurant. Our chicken, meats, imported sauces are from Halal certified suppliers and our Suppliers' Halal certificates are available for in store viewing.

Our Malaysia Jakim applies one of the highest Halal standards in the world so the application process is very strict and takes a long time. Halal certification is not merely based on ingredients alone; we have to also train our Muslim chefs to comply with Jakim. We will give more updates as we proceed with our Halal Application.


Do I have to make a reservation?
We encourage you to make a reservation to avoid the long wait for walk in customers. I KNOW RIGHT, THE QUEUE IS K’RAZY!

You can do so by reaching out to us via Facebook or through our website, just click the Book A Table Tab! Just a quick tip, our weekend and Public Holiday slots are usually filled a few days prior so please do remember to book.
Can I walk in even if the reservations are full?
Yes, we welcome you to walk in! Just visit our store and get a queue number.

Alternatively, at selected outlets, you can book an online queue via QueQ App in 3 easy steps. Download the App to check it out.

Google Playstore : http://bit.ly/2cUyfs
App Store : https://appsto.re/sg/Ge_o0.i
Do you deliver and can I order take away online?
We do not have any delivery service at the moment and we do not accept orders for take-away by phone or through messenger service. Kindly place your order at our cashier counter. You do not need to queue up to make a take away order. You can either wait at our waiting area sofas or we can give you a call when your takeaway is ready if you will kindly provide us with your contact number.
Can I celebrate my birthday there?
Sure, we can help to make the day extra special for you by helping you with a reservation or topping up a candle for your Bingsoo. Unfortunately, we do not provide decorating services nor do we have any birthday promotions. You can bring in your own decorator and we can arrange for the space to be ready for your decorator. Please do contact us via Facebook for assistance.

CRISPY, juicy & always fresh